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where can I get the soundtrack the first song is so fire

hey borington, you got any cheat codes? great game but the shit is really har

Darkraid Delilah Walkthrough

Thank you! Did you encounter any issues with the mouse?

it should exist save.

the levels are big and it's a shame to start them from the beginning.

no play full screen.

You can enable full screen in the options menu :D The desktop version will have save/load

very bad mouse synchronization.

Thank you for the report. What browser were you using? (Chrome is recommended, but Opera might also be fine)

google chrome.

Oh, sorry. In that case, could you explain what you mean by bad mouse synchronization? Is it jumpy? or is it lagging?



Any chance we can get a download for this demo that would be great. Im loving this so much


Thanks a ton! Well, there should be a Steam version of the demo quite soon.


Awesome this is the content I love from GZ doom.

I have so many doom TC and this one stands out alot. The new enemy designs are awesome and I cant wait to see more