The year is 2088, our solar system is being exploited by corporations and ravaged by war.

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Warning to Opera users: if mouse gestures are turned on, right-clicking can accidentally exit the page. I recommend turning mouse gestures off in your browser settings.

Warning: Make sure hardware acceleration is enabled for your browser!


SPACE to move camera. Mouse scrolling only works in full-screen mode!

Left-click to select units, right-click to make them move. Drag mouse to select multiple units.

'A' for attack-move, 'S' to stop

Double-click on unit to select similar units

'R' to select repair drone hubs

Shift+number to make control group (also works with Ctrl, but not recommended for browsers)

'Esc' or 'P' to pause game

Transform your Rovers into structures, mine minervite crystals

Build Blackchain Cores to mine cryptocurrency

Train infantry from Barracks, vehicles from Factory

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Tags3D, Demake, Real time strategy, rts, Sci-fi, starcraft


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how does it know i use opera

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This is a very cool-looking game, I've seen videos of it, I just realized, there's a demo up here.
All the sounds / music / gameplay looks professiona, I also love the cryptocurrency thing.

Also, to name a graphics level potato is just... like... wow.

Also, the graphics are amazing, looks exactly like old, 90's, early 2000 games (fallout, tiberian sun), but here it's all 3d.

Is this a fully one-developer team, so development / graphics / music are all one person?

I think this game is awesome, but I don’t want to use Steam. Is there any chance to buy it here? Or alternatively, on GOG


That is a great idea! I should do an Itch launch as soon as possible! Thanks!