This version of the game is obsolete! The current version might as well be a different game.


Become a legendary pirate captain in an epic adventure. Battle multiple factions of historical and fantastical foes. You're not on the Caribbean anymore...

Controls:  WASD or arrows to move,  Left click to attack/shoot,  Space or Right click to melee/sword attack, Mouse wheel or numbers to change weapons,  E to drink rum, R to reload, F to play fiddle, Q to run, I to open inventory, L to show life bars, Escape or P to pause game. Also supports gamepads!

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Warning: Opera users should turn off mouse gestures in their browser settings, or use Space instead of Left Click.

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It says it's obsolete, do you plan to fix that? I don't have steam on any computers.

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great jobs

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great jobs


wel made game is fun to play.